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Check out the latest issue of Les Inrockuptibles and find #TheWhiteStripes on the cover! #twsgreatesthits

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They saved the blues and rock n roll!!! Wish they got back together for major European tour!

That's a flaccid way to hold a guitar that may explain where the title "Elephant" came from.

That Phil Spector cover line makes my blood boil. "Death Of A Fallen Genius"? Really? Way to romanticize a murderer Frenchies.

Awesome photo <3

And I thought the Police and Rush made enough noise with just three...that is, until I heard the White Stripes with just two.

Great band. Great music. I "m gonna buy Les inrocks. From a frenchy girl

Man, I always wanted that guitar when I was learning to play. Still do.


I haven’t bought this paper for a long time . Maybe this week ...

Long shot here guys, please use all Bernie memes to your song hardest button to button. Ahthank you

I’m going to Witichataw

Title of the mag is a mouthful ..

I miss the White Stripesβ€οΈπŸ€πŸ–€

πŸ—£We started living in an old house, my ma gave birth and we were checking it outπŸ—£

Still waiting on my door bell when you gonna ring πŸ’ it

Jack looks like he stole the cookies from the cookie jar πŸͺ


Still my favorite pt gig helping to promote your show at the Metro Chicago in 1999? I hung posters and threw out branded starlight mints. And heard a helluva band with a helluva following.. i was hooked!!

Beautiful photo πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•

Gabriella Turney every time i see this band it takes me back to the rave with you!! Miss you hope you're doing well!!

I love the white stripes. Their music lifts my spirits

Alot white stripes stuff lately... Kinda makes you wonder... Or am I only dreaming?. Lol

he bought that guitar at a garage sale *fun fact

Great music.. so cool.. a miss me

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Flashback to The White Stripes set at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2007 and ending the night with "Seven Nation Army". Watch the full performance of the song now on YouTube here: ... See MoreSee Less

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I listen to them ,awesome band

I had seen the Stripes in 05 in Providence and earlier on this tour in Boston in 07 and was supposed to see them in Sep of 07 at the Austin City Limits Festival. That is the main reason I traveled down there to visit a friend and go with her. They were going to headline the middle night, Sat. I was so pissed when someone in the line for a shuttle bus on Friday morning told me they had canceled! That set would have been incredible. And to add insult to injury we chose to see Arcade Fire over Muse instead on Sat night. Muse got pushed back into the headlining spot but my friend was into Arcade Fire so we went to see them on a side stage instead. Little did I know the ACL cancelation was the beginning of the literal end of the Stripes.

Meg and John Bonham has one thing in common. Both have two modes of playing drums: not playing or playing as loud and hard as they can.

2007, I saw the stripes that year at the molson amphitheatre. Amazing show and I can still see Jack strutting the stage πŸ–€

Lost count of how many mics Jack used in that show!!

How good would it be if they were back touring again, after covid obviously. Unreal live band πŸ”΄πŸ”΄βšͺ️βšͺ️

I remember watching the live stream of this...fucking EPIC SET ! Please release it on DVD

I’ll have to live vicariously through videos for now, but I hope to have a real experience soon.

Listen to the white stripes for 8 years now. Great band. Also try Fit For Rivals

God, I wish they would make a comeback. The world needs The White Stripes now more than ever.

Love the White Stripes. ❀️

What about the complete gig instead of one tune

Ditto! ♥

Sarah i was actually in that audience, woooo

7 nation army song ❀️ how cool are these people ❀️

That E string, ouch

The white stripes was my introduction to Jack white 🀍

Hey cool kid from way back☺️I’m supposed to ask you for a leg up in the movie business and offer you my hand❀️

Jako včera :)) to snad ani není moΕΎný, ΕΎe to je rok 2007!!!

Needs to be the next Archive Box Set please

I ❀ it!!!

Meg was the sexiest human being on a stage of all times.

Get back together already

Simply the best!


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Made in Detroit! The White Stripes Greatest Hits is still in full swing at Third Man Pressing and on its way for the international release on February 12. Get your copy here: #TheWhiteStripes #twsgreatesthits #vinyl ... See MoreSee Less

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I got a record player

Hope it was better than the first pressing. The audio was muffled, and the actual vinyl is not 180 gram (it's thin) Just not up to par with an artist who prides himself on vinyl records, not to mention owns his own vinyl manufacturer. And I am a HUGE fan.

A great record producing plant.

Just deliver to Poland, I will have it next day - order placed weeks ago!

Damn, this is one I’d get a record player for.

Then a tour?

When things are normal again, I really want to tour that place

this is jammin! loving it! made in detroit!

Robert Woodruff Karla Anderson Harris pressing records

Nothing like the sound of vinyl.

detroit rock city baby!

Gianluca Bartolo

Will have to wait till 12th February I guess...

Marta Mancuso

I’ll never get enough of The White Stripes & Jack White’s solo song writing! Impressive, fun as Hell & always amazing for me, for life!!! πŸ’

Been to this location. Right when you walk in, all you smell is peppermint.

Have it and love it πŸ₯°

Awesome song to play on πŸ₯ πŸ₯

Don’t buy this record! Let Jack know that this “international” release comes two months to late! I cancelled my order when I heard that international release was postponed 😱🀷🏿‍β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚

That would be a cool job! πŸ’–

It’s out of stock 😞

Lo aspetto più del vaccino!!! πŸ˜‚

Kerstie Reilly

Out of stock!! I want it


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Jack & Meg by Pieter M. van Hattem (Detroit 2001) - taken from The White Stripes Greatest Hits artwork. #TheWhiteStripes #TWSGreatestHits ... See MoreSee Less

Jack & Meg by Pieter M. van Hattem (Detroit 2001) - taken from The White Stripes Greatest Hits artwork. #TheWhiteStripes #TWSGreatestHits

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I like all versions of Jack's musical personas, but still favor the original WS.

Great white compilation

I miss my favorite band. The happiest days of my life were being a teenager and listening to this music. 13 years old and seeing them live, then again at 15, that is imprinted with me. I’ve seen jack by himself a handful of times and it’s amazing. But it isn’t the white stripes.

Awesome you guys are a great team,I'm from Des Moines Iowa, love your music 🎢

I miss that beautiful, raw energy they produced. ❀️

Hopefully when music starts up again they will reunite! 🀍❀🀍❀🀍

Do you wear number 3 for me? I think so.

Epic people so loved! πŸ€Ÿβ€οΈπŸ–€

Lee Plaza on West Grand Blvd. Detroit.

White Eagle Bar and Hotel in Portland, Oregon. 11 rooms all named after songs.

love you guys!!!

B/ W β›“οΈβ„οΈπŸ–€

Marry Me, Meg πŸ₯°

Tu que casou aqui em Manaus, mano Doa uns cilindros de O². Ajuda nós mano, ouço tuas musicas direto desde que me entendo por gente. Ajuda nós, fixa!

i remember the conanweek,


I miss them. πŸ’ž

Love this shot!


Thanks...nice. Bob. 33.3

This is iconic. I remember looking at this picture in 2003. ❀️


I miss them

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The White Stripes De Stijl, Icky Thump, and Elephant 1,000-piece puzzles are available now! Purchase in TMR storefronts or online at Shop all White Stripes merch now here: ... See MoreSee Less

The White Stripes De Stijl, Icky Thump, and Elephant 1,000-piece puzzles are available now! Purchase in TMR storefronts or online at Shop all White Stripes merch now here: attachment

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Oooo, I might have to get one and seal it so I can use it as decor for my red, black, and white themed apartment!

Michelle VT

Oh jeepers its a match attack. A senior artists who bows to your musicality in all its forms I ask enough please.

Nice merch

Love!! πŸ’–πŸ’–βœ¨

Se Fredrik Bjerkenes! 🀩 Bursdagsgave dette daπŸ‘Œ

Justine D. Benson

Someone needs the money πŸ™„

Look s cool πŸ†’

They are sooo hard!

Joe Lehner

Hollye Richardson


Jennifer Van Wart

Tom Bears Borselli

Sarah-Jane McMillan for Beth’s birthday???

Holly Whitaker

That's pretty cool and I don't like puzzles. I might get these and laminate them when I'm done or whatever old people do to make posters out of them. Jack think his fans are old ladies lol


Zaid Hernandez Nieto omagaaaaaa Armamos un rompecabezas o qué?


Holy moly.. I need these

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Kicking off 2021 with a #tbt of Jack & Meg with famed BBC DJ John Peel during their now iconic 'Peel Sessions' recording in 2001. (Photo Credit: Ben Blackwell) #TheWhiteStripes #TWSGreatestHits ... See MoreSee Less

Kicking off 2021 with a #tbt of Jack & Meg with famed BBC DJ John Peel during their now iconic Peel Sessions recording in 2001. (Photo Credit: Ben Blackwell) #TheWhiteStripes #TWSGreatestHits

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Love Jack White , he is so innovative yet I hear so much of what and who has influenced him come out in his music. 😎

I grew up listening to John's late night shows - he is responsible for my musical tastes and my open mindedness about music. He is VERY missed in the UK x

This was the first White Stripes album I bought on vinyl. I drove all the way to Berkeley because it was closest Amoeba Music to me. Came across the John Peel sessions by chance and knew I hit the jackpot. One of my favorite record shopping memories. Happy 2021! Looking forward to the records I’ll find this year.

Love The White Stripes. I had a bass drum and a tom in my room I would play fell in love with a girl on my guitar with my foot on the bass drum pedal and go to town one man band style.

Loved Peel, but my 1st taste of the White Stripes wasn't until seeing them play Icky Thump on Later With Jools. I always seem to be late to the party!!

1st time I saw the much hyped white stripes I thought what’s this bollox, just some bird murdering the drums? Then I gave it a proper bit of earole...... Still up there as 1 of the best,Jack, don’t care how talented you are the stripes worked & needs to come back! We know you’re the man but the sound worked!

This is how I discovered the White Stripes. I recall pulling over to listen, as I had gone a bit off music late 90's. I promptly went a nd purchased their back catalogue and was hooked ever since.

It’s gonna be a Fantastic Day when The Stripes are invited into History and nominated for their rightful place in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jack wrote a song about falling in love with a girl. When he accepts placement into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I will have a ball in one hand and a biscuit in the other.

Loved listening to the John Peel story in the Striped podcasts

"Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don't have any surface noise. I said, 'Listen, mate, *life* has surface noise." John Peel

Damn I love the white stripes. A fine example of how you don't need new tech or auto tune to write banging songs. Inspirational.❀

I saw them live many years ago in New Brunswick, Canada, they were amazing

Have the vinyl..❀🀍❀🀍❀🀍

I just bought this vinyl in an old record shop in Greenwood, Indiana. I absolutely love it.


Just shining up my badge under this blessed photo. #Detroit forever!!

3 amazing people!

Live from peel acres...

Great Album, and always in my Playlist

John Peel played a major part in the White Stripes making it in the UK at least..

Got this on vinyl last Christmas. One of the favorites in my collection for sure

I never knew the did a peel session I have to find it now

John Peel a legend and maverick ❀❀❀

Marion c'est le vinyl que tu m'as offert

Nice my good friend Kenny who makes records in Detroit told me about you latest record and how he knows you well. Sounds like an awesome record! I can't wait to hear it. I'm not sure if he help you press a few or not? I speaks very highly of you Jack! Anyhow I love your music from scs,MI. Funny I think saw Meg once at Linda's Restaurant on 9 mile and Harper.

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Candy Cane Children enjoying their White Stripes Greatest Hits Vault packages and TWS merch! Thank you for sharing with us. #TheWhiteStripes #twsgreatesthits ... See MoreSee Less

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I am 62 and love the white Stripes. Been listening for years.

It came last night ! Perfection! Thank you so much ❀️

Does anybody know how many #46 vault packages were sold?

That's awesome!!!

Cant wait to get my Vault package!

Got my order ❀️❀️❀️❀️ ps. Jack, I love youuuuu lol

I'm a bit jelly


Tori Anderson tell me you have the snow globe?!


Please help us Read before you judge please...

It’s beautiful, thank you


Love the socks!

wrong guitar tho 😞

Sheila Morales Pizzi



Jennifer Campbell Morgan look at the snow globe!

the song effect and cause ..i like the song

Pretty cool

Those socks tho... I hope I win my local radio stations contest with TWS merch!

I wanna hear dead leaves and the dirty ground.

Still haven't recieved my pre ordered TWS Greatest hits yet....seems it's still in Chicago..

Joe Herndon, check out those socks 😍

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A look at how #thewhitestripes animated yule log video came together with Noah Sterling & Blue J. Watch the video now here: ... See MoreSee Less

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My awesome wife got me the greatest hits on vinyl for Christmas. I am really excited. such a great album.

Art is fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


The girl with the dragon is my favorite.

Hauntingly beautiful, but no signature... All the credit goes to God.

Loved the unique figures and the classic musicπŸŽ„

These are so rad tho!

Oh my gothic soul. So brilliant.

Love it!

when are we going to listen a new album?

That's Bad Ass!!! πŸ™‚

very nice art from the yule log Ana Willing

Alex !

Donna Lloyd


Dana J Clark

Alison Kuttler

Betty Flament

Idk, these drawings don't fit TWS that great, imo. Third Man Records, if you're ever in need for artwork that does not look like some DeviantArt Disney-derivatives, hit me up!


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